JSF 2 Workshop


Abstract :

In this workshop you will get to know the most of what you need,  with 8 hours focusing only on JSF 2 and JSF 2 best practice you will start your JSF project in no time.

Instructor : Yousry Ibrahim

  • Agenda:
    • JSF 2.0 Overview
    • Installation, Setup, Configuration, and Getting Started
    • JSF 2.0 Programming Basics (Managed Beans, annotations , Page Navigation, Expression Language)
    • Over View and hands-on Facelets (the JSF2 default view declaration language)
    • Over View and hands-on standard JSF components
    • Validating User Data
    • Hands-on Integrated Ajax Supported in JSF 2.0
    • Put it all together in a working JSF application
  • Prerequisites:
    • Java SE knowledge
    • Basic knowledge in J2EE
  • Environment Prerequisites:
    • JDK 1.6
    • Apache Tomcat 6  as a Server
    • Eclipse Juno as IDE
    • Oracle XE with HR scheme enabled
  • Time:
    • Days: Saturday (TBD the exact date)
    • Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (8 hours)

Fees : 150 LE (This is fee based workshop)

Place: 302 Labs

Start Date: TBD (Limited seats so hurry up)

To register:

 Pay 150 in any HSBC branch for  TIE organization   --  Account Number : 092-012301-001  and call 01114200035 to confirm payment or send mail to ahmed.ali@egjug.org


Visit TIE company to pay  (26 emtdad ramsis from mamdoh salem   0222623419)


Collect from home (we can send a collector to you with extra fees ( 25 per person ) )