JSF book ... by Hazem Saleh


Dear EGJUG members,

I am very happy to announce that our friend Hazem Saleh has published his first book about JavaServer Faces with co-operation with other authors. Hazem is FCI-CU 2004 Graduate "the dream team of CS department :D "  he is an expert in J2EE/JSF; and Apache MyFaces contributor. Beside the Java; Hazem is a real programmer 'Geek', smart in problem solving, mathematics and algorithms.

Hazem is working for IBM and old member in the Egyptian Java User Group.

Check the book http://www.amazon.com/Definitive-Guide-Apache-MyFaces-Facelets/dp/1590597370

Keep your eye always on Hazem's blog http://www.jroller.com/HazemBlog/

Congratulation Hazem, Well Done, May Allah accept from you and Gazak Allah khair.

For EGJUG members, I hope that we can see another books authored by Egyptian developers.


I am extremely happy that A friend mine made such achievement.

Congratulation Hazem

ألف مبروك يا بشمهندس حازم.

This is quite an achievement, perfect job keep going. (Y)

 Congrats Hazem, keep going, we hope to see you with the best ever isA, do not forget the "Neya" :D

Al-Sayyad Ahmad

Really i dnt know wot to say...... im v. happy for ur achievement... hope u the best Hazem.

and a big congratulations 4 u :)


Best Regards,
Ashraf Gaber

I am truly impressed. This is to prove there are lots of highly skilled engineers in Egypt, hope to see lot more like Hazem. Congratulations man J

Hossam Karim

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