Book Review: High performance web sites

High Performance Web Sites by Steve Souders is one of the most important books front end engineers should read to be able to develop a proper web sites. In 14 chapter, you will know 14 of the best tips to enhance the performance of your website. The good thing in this book, it is quick read and specific, the author gives example by numbers and statistics about the top 10 websites on the internet. In each tip Steve tells the effect of applying this tip on the top 10 websites.


In this book, you will learn some great tips in web development like (Minimizing the number of Http Requests sent to the server, improve the caching in your site, compressing the content to save time and resources, best location for scripts and styles and other interesting tips)

I highly recommend any engineer working in the front end tier to read this book and apply the tips inside on the web pages.

A shadow copy exists 


Thanks Eng Ahmed for This review.

The book seems to be good and it is only 170 pages !!!

I have a software copy of the book, any one need this book send, me an e-mail at :