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* Start
**EgJug is one of the first Java User Group in Egypt. Started by [FCI-Jug yahoo groups|http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FCI-JUG/] by the end of year 2002 with the start of [Sun JUG program|http://java.sun.com/jugs/]. Our members was mainly from [FCI-CU|http://www.fci-cu.edu.eg/]. The main activity of the group was the discussion forums.
* Next step
**Our next step is to start our own web site in order to increase the services provided by Java users and experts. We are making this site to extend the JUG scope to be the Egyptian JUG. And through this site, we are looking for adding many services for the users like [Articles|http://www.egjug.org/?q=java_articles], classified [discussion forums|http://www.egjug.org/?q=forum], [project development|http://www.egjug.org/?q=projects], [downloads|http://www.egjug.org/?q=downloads], [jobs|http://www.egjug.org/?q=jobs] and [news|http://www.egjug.org/?q=aggregator].
* What should i do?
** First you should register your self to be a member in EGJUG.


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