JDC 2008, the conference you must attend

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I just wanted to say that the conference was so great. I knew a lot of staff that I didn't know before. I going to search for and learn the techs that we have heard about in the JDC. But I wanted to ask if the material and presentations will be uploaded on the site or at least some links to them ?

The conference had pros and cons, but in general it was a disappointing experience.


  1. Well-chosen topics.
  2. Very affordable fees.
  3. Good timing (on weekend, from 9:00 AM yp 6:30 PM), and good place (Intercontinental CityStars).


  1. Although the topics were well-chosen, most of the sessions were for beginner-level.
  2. Inaccurate schedule; the order of the sessions just changed by the beginning of the day!
  3. Very bad time management; most sessions either take longer or shorter than planned.
  4. The conference presentor had very low presentation skills.

Thanks for this feedback.

About the cons, first it will be considered and lesson learned, but I have some comments about that:-

I think EAI & Spring session are advanced

The agenda was not clear a speaker flight has been canceled and he got the next one, so we should changed the agenda.

I think the delay was in the opening session because not all people have arrive .. so there was a delay about 30 minutes.

I am sorry because you didn't like it and please feel free to advice in our next JDC about the topics/speakers.


Ahmed Hashim hashimblog/

the conference was great and topics were for all levels of experience. you have made great effort so thank you very much for that. and i appreciate if we can have CD or DVD for the conference video.

I second that, and if it is hard to make CDs or DVDs it could be great to have the videos encoded and compressed and be available online, Thanks. Michael

Although I haven't the chance to attend this event and I really wished to come to meet people that are involved so much in development life, to see what's the world going into,  to have more experiences and to have a lot of precious ideas but it happened alot alot of things that made me couldn't come...

I really appreciate the documentation and the effort done in this thank you so much to Mr.Ahmed Hashim...

 And I just suggest more advertising be done to such event and more places for paying fees in even the Delta governorates may be in universities that's my suggestion for egjug ..

And for people to be more active and to be ready more to share not to wait for others to make them share..