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Java Developer Conference 2008

JDC 2008 presentations


Thanks a lot for attending JDC 2008, I hope that it was a good experience for you.

blog about the event and tell us your opinion about the event, we will
collect the feedbacks and take it into consideration in our events.

Now, You can download the JDC2008 presentation from EGJUG Website.

Ed Burns

1- De-mystifying JSF                     http://www.egjug.org/jdc2008/sessions/demystifying-jsf.pdf

2- Enterprise Grade Ajax and JSF    http://www.egjug.org/jdc2008/sessions/enterprise-grade-ajax-and-jsf.pdf


Alef Arendsen



Hossam Karim


Giesele Consoline


Pooya Darugar




JDC 2008, the conference you must attend

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Java Developer Conference 2008 launch


Dear EGJUG Members,

I would like to announce about the 2nd Java
Developers Conference. It will take place at 15 March 2008 in
Intercontinental City Stars. Full day event from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

We have 6 speakers

  • Ed Burns (Co-spec lead for JavaServer Faces)

  • Alef Arndsen (SpringSource Consultant)

  • Gisele Consolinehas (IBM SOA Team)

  • Pooya Darugar (Software Architect at Microsoft)

  • Hossam Karim (Software Architect)

Great topics

  • Interoperability between Java and .net platform

  • Rich Internet application development using Java Server Faces and AJAX
  • Service Oriented Architecture

  • Business Process Management & Business Rules
  • Open Enterprise Java Bean 3.0, a light weight implementation
  • Spring2.5, The de-facto Java EE application platform.
  • Aspect Oriented Programming
  • Developing Rich clients using JavaFX

What is next?

  • Register in the event website and pay to EGJUG representative, you will get the invitation card for the event.
  • Forward the JDC announcement to all your friends and colleges in your company.

  • If you will not be able to attend and looking for job, you can register only .. our sponsors are looking for Java developers.

Registration fees for Egyptian: 50 LE

Registration feed for Others: 100 USD

Number of seats 600

I would like to thank Etisalat for supporting the event, Microsoft
for the great initiative to support the Java community. Thanks for
ITSoft for sponsoring our event for the 2nd time. Thanks for iCraft for
the contribution & sponsorship.

For more information about the event, visit the website http://www.egjug.org/jdc2008/index.php

- More info about the Microsoft sponsorship in Ahmed Hashim's blog

-If you think that your company can participate as a sponsor in this event, harry up, there is a chance till the next week.


Ahmed Hashim

EGJUG Leader http://egjug.org


Sun Java Champion https://java-champions.dev.java.net/