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Alec baldwin magnificent wife hilaria.Sabourin claims it was a swoon that fell apart.The oscar selected baldwin and sabourin, who has appeared in canadian movies and series, met when he had a cameo and she was a publicist in the 2002 sci fi comedy the journeys of pluto nash.Go forward to april 2012, when sabourin was arrested outside baldwin's new york apartment building.The manhattan district attorney's office says she had bombarded the actor with unwanted messages or calls and messages professing her love, announced she was coming to new york and then came along uninvited at his manhattan and hamptons homes, or a movie screening he was hosting.Baldwin told police that he's had dinner with sabourin but that their spousal break up was purely professional.Meanwhile, baldwin got engaged to and married hmo's hilaria thomas in 2012, when they began dating the year before.One of several a daughter, carmen, this past june.Hilaria baldwin also is anticipated to testify.Sabourin says <strong><a href="" title="Air Jordan 4">Air Jordan 4</a></strong> she and baldwin had a 2010 tryst and a two way market of emails.Her criminal attorney, todd spodek, has said sabourin wasn't following the actor, just trying"Drawing a line under"After he stopped conversing with her.Baldwin's career has included a tony selected turn as stanley kowalski in a streetcar named desire on broadway, incarnating action hero jack ryan in the 1990 film the hunt for red october and an academy award nomination for his assisting role in <strong><a href="" title="Air Jordan 9">Air Jordan 9</a></strong> the 2003 drama the cooler.

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